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RC chemical is a platform, where we work towards providing a one-stop solution for any designer drug or compound as per the requirements of clients. RC Chemicals provides flakka for sale. We exhibit a significant variety of product portfolio and we cater to the needs of our valuable customers effortlessly. Through years of relentless hard work, observing stringent quality standards, constant product development keeping in mind the global demands, meeting customer expectations through on-time delivery of quality assured products has helped us scale greater heights and gain a major market share of designer drugs and similar compounds and today we are a market leader. we believe in serving our customers world- wide to the utmost level, we build our brand through loyal customers who come back to us for their requirements and we are happy catering to their needs and we are ever ready to customize for them- we tailor make our delivery options depending on the size, type and even price of the products.

Under the umbrella of RC chemical, 5-MAPB is one of the most popular products. 5-MAPB is one of the rarest compounds which is very difficult to be acquired, more so because it demands a very high standard of quality specifications. Thus, the highly sought after compound-5-MAPB comes with multiple utilities and requires to be scanned properly for various applications.

At RC-Chemical we produce the compound under the most advanced technology available and hence we promise to offer you 5-MAPB with more than 99 percent purity. Hence the produced compound can be put to a varied gamut of uses and would cater to any industry or any end- product. And, for further assurance, not only do we claim that 5-MAPB that we produce and sell, is more than 99% pure, we do give a guarantee for it as well.

We would also like to reiterate that we do not sell any prohibited product and hence when you purchase 5-MAPB from us, you can rest assured that it is completely a legal compound. The compound would be available to you in white crystalline powder form. In case of any order which needs to be placed confidentially, owing to market completion or any other reason, we can assist you with the same. In this case, we would urge you to place the order through your personal account.

You can place orders from our website

We ensure delivery of packages right after the payment. We accept payment through credit cards or through PayPal. We ensure uninterrupted delivery to some EU states, UK and USA. Delivery time generally is expected to be – 4-7 days for U.S and 4-6 days for Europe. However, there might be a delay due to unavoidable conditions like national holidays or climatic reasons. We exchange and substitute products at our expense, in case of quality issue. There is a provision of insuring your products at a minimal cost of 10% of the total order. Payment is made with a total payment under the order, this takes care of delivering order with utmost priority and in case of any unfortunate incident of loss of package etc we can take necessary actions to restore the order

In case of further queries and assistance, you can reach out to our dedicated managers who would gladly help you with all your concerns.

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